One of my favorite games to play is chess. While I am currently not a member of USCF, my last official rating was about 1600. While I am sure I could easily be an expert or maybe even a master, if I studied hard enough, I don't have much motivation to work at it right now. Here are some sample games I've annotated, as well as an article I wrote, but never published

Herb Wolfe v. Ken Drexel - One of my experiments with Bird's opening.
Leo Harris v. Herb Wolfe - Leo plays a King's Indian Attack against my Dutch setup.
Herb Wolfe v. Ken Drexel - An interesting (and quick!) Najdorf.
3 more games I annotated for an article I wrote for "The Gambit", Nebraska's state chess publication.
Computer chess - an article on what's available online and how to use it to improve your chess

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