I know quite a bit about computers, having used them since 5th grade, and going to school for a degree in Computer Science. I have two PCs running Windows XP, an iMac and Powerbook. I'd like to eventually put Slackware and FreeBSD back on one of my PCs. I've got an old Mac IIsi and an Amiga, although I've never had either of them up and running much. I have a variety of games, utilities and other software that I have links to for both Windows and Unix/Linux.

My programming experience is mainly in C/Unix, Java, mostly under Windows and Foxpro. I have done some Perl, awk and shell scripting and hope to learn and use them more, as I prefer Unix environments. I went back to school recently, and added Visual Basic to my repetoire. I also am interested in learning Tcl/Tk and some various other languages that I have links to.

I've been using the web for many years now. Primarily I use Mozilla as my browser, but I have tried and used other browsers and have links to them. I have had a web page since learning about HTML in college, and have a variety of links to CGI script sites, HTML information, and editors. My primary search engine is currently Yahoo, since my start page is I have links to various parts of Yahoo that I use frequently, as well as other search engines.

I also spend time on talkers, and a mud called Shadowmud. I have links to their pages, as well as my favorite client, tinyfugue.

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