History has long been an interest of mine, I suspect largely to my Grandpa Wolf's influence. He was interested in the Old West and WWI and WWII aircraft. I remember watching Black Sheep Squadron with him, which created my fascination with the Corsair, still one of my favorite airplanes. I also have several models and toy airplanes, some still in the original boxes, Columbus' three ships and the Mayflower, as well as several books and magazines on the Old west and 19th century US history.

Currently I have links to Viet Nam information. Also, Gilbert Castle, as my mom's side of the family is Gilbert, although I'm not sure if that's the castle that's supposedly part of our family. Other links currently include Neuschawnstein castle and genealogy, including Mary Todd Lincoln who I believe was a cousin of one of my ancestors.

Assorted pictures from a trip to the Air and Space Musuem, formerly SAC museum. Taken in September, 2002. Most may be a bit blurry, as I used my webcam for the first time. Eventually these will probably be put on my Flickr account.

A report I did for my Aviation 1010 class in 1996 on the SR-71 Blackbird. Available in HTML or PDF

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