The latest updates!

04/04 - Updated my bookmarks, added some more info on my cameras to my entertainment page, made some minor typographical changes on assorted pages. I am contemplating adding a bit of javascript to my site, and updating it to dhtml or xhtml.

11/03 - Renamed to bmsort so it would display rather than try to execute as a cgi on my ISP, fixed the images links so they work and point to the right directories. Added a page describing some of the chess tools available online.

10/03 - Redesigned my index page, made minor changes to other pages, added a page for my pictures from the Strategic Air and Space Museum, updated bookmarks, created a directory for me and moved my friends pictures and links pages, and uploaded the changes from my laptop

9/03 - added to my software page, changed some HTML code so my webpage will function the same as on my Powerbook, other minor changes (changes on my laptop only, not uploaded)

9/13/03 - changed the path to my style sheet so that it's the same in every page

8/2/03 - typed up a report on the SR-71 Blackbird I wrote in 1996, linked from my military page

7/5/03 - updates links, moved military section to history, updated computer page

6/29/03 - added to the travel index page, made a separate directory for my program, as well as some other minor changes

6/14/03 - added more text/info to history page

6/03 - Added this page, made a change to my todo list and made a change to my index page

11/02 - updated links

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