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My intent is to create a page with hopefully interesting content as well as a large assortment of links.
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About me (Last updated:Thursday, 26-Apr-2007 22:16:57 CDT) My computer page (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:46:59 CDT)
My software page has scripts and other programs I've written. (Last updated:Saturday, 24-Apr-2004 05:12:47 CDT) My entertainment page (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:50:48 CDT)
Dungeon Hack hints and cheats page. (Last updated:Saturday, 24-Apr-2004 05:13:31 CDT) My chess page (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:46:41 CDT) My food page has a few of my favorite recipes (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:47:24 CDT) Math and science page (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:51:47 CDT) My History page (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:47:59 CDT)
My Military page has pics from the Strategic Air and Space Museum, and my report on the SR-71. (Last updated:Saturday, 24-Apr-2004 05:13:12 CDT) My Travel page has information and descriptions of places I've been to, and some pictures. (Last updated:Sunday, 08-Oct-2006 06:55:17 CDT) My writing, mostly poetry. (Last updated:Saturday, 24-Apr-2004 05:13:57 CDT)

Order of the Rose

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